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A Volatile Beginning for Garmatex Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS:GRMX)

Garmatex Holdings Ltd. (OTCMKTS:GRMX) didn’t start trading until 2 weeks ago. I have been following the company for a few quarters when they surfaced in several circles of microcap pro’s talking about the solid business model they present to investors who see they have multiple revenue opportunities. The company announced that Garmatex proprietary fabrics will be used exclusively in the product line up of ThreadX Wet/Dry Performance Apparel by XCEL Wetsuits which just launched in retailers across the United States. This explains much of the price action in share prices in the chart below.

GTI is the developer of the Company’s recently licensed Garmatex scientifically-engineered fabric technologies and performance technologies, including a patented T3® design, Bact-Out®, CoolSkin®, WarmSkin®, Kottinu™, ColdSkin™, SteelSkin™, Satinu™, CamoSkin™, RecoverySkin™, SlimSkin™, AbsorbSkin™ and IceSkin™.

Garmatex Holdings Ltd. (OTCMKTS:GRMX) has also agreed to acquire GTI subject to customary terms and conditions.

GTI President and CEO, Darren Berezowski, says “We are excited to be partnering with XCEL who have, for many years, been one the leading innovators in the wet suit market. Our Garmatex technical team has truly done a masterful job of creating a fabric for Xcel that is not only soft to touch but one most dynamic wet/dry performance materials ever used in the surf world.”

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Lance Varon, Xcel Wetsuits Design Director, based in Irvine California, states that “We at Xcel are proud to call Garmatex a strategic partner in our continued efforts of sourcing the most innovative materials. In our ThreadX wet/dry performance line we were able to create that perfect all-around product that was comfortable to wear in and out of the water yet also super functional. Garmatex truly allows Xcel to continue to be a dynamic brand with a performance apparel line specially tailored to the serious athlete. The positive feedback we have already received from many of our top retailers is a testimony to quality of the Garmatex fabric”.  

Additional information regarding Garmatex Holdings Ltd., GTI, and Garmatex scientifically-engineered fabric technologies will be made available in subsequent press releases. Garmatex Holdings Ltd. holds a non-exclusive Master Sublicense Agreement with Garmatex Technologies, Inc. (“GTI”), whereby it was granted various intellectual property rights related to the design, development and manufacturing of various scientifically-engineered fabric technologies and performance technologies.  The Company commenced operations for this business on March 8, 2017.

They plan to provide performance fabric solutions in virtually every sector that has textile applications. Its primary strategy is to deploy its performance fabrics as a premium ingredient brand, similar to Gore-Tex® in the outerwear market, or akin to Intel® in the computer space.  The Company believes that its future fabrics will be superior in performance relative to current market “standards” and will have a wide range of applications in multiple clothing and textile categories, including, but not limited to, sports apparel, medical, sleepwear, linens, undergarments, military, designer wear, protective, industrial and first responders.

Garmatex Holdings Ltd. (OTCMKTS:GRMX) business model is to co-develop fabric with manufacturers to obtain exclusive licenses of technology and purchase fabric technology to build on its technology portfolio. The Company plans to commercialize these inventions by selling bolts of fabric directly to retailers and wholesalers. The Company also plans to control the proprietary process of the technology for IP protection and does not intend to own any manufacturing facilities, which are intended to allow it to scale.

This is a new stock and the initial volatility is normal until the market process the revenue side of the picture, based on what we are seeing the company patents and other revenue opportunities create an interesting investing horizon for Garmatex Holdings. For more news on $GRMX and other fast-moving penny stocks, please subscribe to below.

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