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Vivint Solar Inc (NYSE:VSLR) Explosive Rally Higher with Solar

Vivint Solar Inc (NYSE:VSLR) is rallying over the last few days and it makes me ask myself if solar stocks are back? I saw that VSLR had back-to-back days with good volume and a nice price jump in June so far traveling from $3.10 to $5.30 justifying the current $610 million dollar market cap, and a check of the filings shows they have 110.58 million shares outstanding to date. I didn’t realize Vivint was this big in valuation and looking back I see shares have not traded above $5 since March 2016. Know also, that this solar sector stock was worth $1 Billion valuation as recently as December 2015. In fact, these shares were part of the Solar boom of 2010 and had a much higher valuation in the multi billions. So ,I ask the question of the sector itself by looking at a smaller stock like VSLR to see if they are turning higher.
The company is a full-service residential solar provider, in the retail sales channel. Vivint Solar recently launched kiosks at retail locations in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Utah. They plan to expand into additional retail locations and states throughout the year. The press announcing new cities has been fast and furious which is responsible for some of the rally.
Vivint Solar Inc (NYSE:VSLR) has retail locations with representatives who will help consumers understand how they can enjoy the benefits of affordable, renewable solar energy and choose Vivint Solar to design, install and maintain a system. Consumers can set up a free, in-home solar consultation to determine whether their home is suitable for solar panels.
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“Expanding into the retail market enables us to diversify how we can help Americans embrace rooftop solar,” said Paul Dickson, chief revenue officer at Vivint Solar. “Vivint Solar has built the most effective direct-to-home channel in the industry, and we are excited to grow and support additional sales channels to complement this highly effective model.”
Vivint Solar’s retail channel is led by a team with significant retail sales experience in the residential solar industry, including Vice President of Retail Sales Trever Bybee. In his former leadership roles within the solar industry, Bybee founded a direct retail channel that grew to over 100 locations nationwide in just six months and earned him the “2015 Trailblazer of the Year” award. He also experienced retail sales success as a co-founder and owner of an exclusive retail team for a top mobile company. Bybee led a retail sales team that grew business to over 150 employees and $10 million in annual sales.
“I’m very excited to be heading this sales effort at Vivint Solar,” said Bybee. “With the direct-to-home model being a strong and well-established route to market, the launch of this additional channel to work in tandem with the direct-to-home model will be a great competitive advantage and will contribute to further success in the selected markets. We’re thrilled with the current traction we’re already seeing and look forward to expanding this channel further in the coming year.”
Vivint Solar (NYSE: VSLR) is a leading full-service residential solar and is a good benchmark for the solar sector. It has been around for awhile, with many fluxuations in pricing, which included the selloff in 2015. We think the sell off may be overdone and we will be looking carefully at the smaller cross section of the solar market through shares like VSLR. For continuing coverage on shares of $VSLR stock, as well as our other breakout stock picks, sign up for our free newsletter now and get our next hot stock pick!

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