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Ubiquitech Software Corp (OTCMKTS:UBQU) Revenue Growth Reported

Ubiquitech Software Corp (OTCMKTS:UBQU) is a stock that’s beginning to show some promise as it ramps out of sub-penny land on a mixture of catalysts that come just ahead of a major formal transition in both ticker and name (pending – to be renamed “HempLife Today”).

The most important immediate catalyst was out Thursday premarket when the Company highlighted its official quarterly report data. It was quite encouraging: The Company’s HempLife Today Division saw a revenue increase of 36% from the prior quarter and 25% y/y to $906,352. The net loss number was reduced as well, and cash on hand has grown. The stock has been acting well, in the meantime, with about 160% tacked on for shares over the past month.

Ubiquitech Software Corp (OTCMKTS:UBQU) trumpets itself as a dynamic multi-media, multi-faceted corporation utilizing state-of-the-art global internet marketing, Direct Response (DRTV) Television, Radio, and traditional marketing, to drive traffic to the new and emerging multi-billion dollar industries like its subsidiary

HempLifeToday focuses on the exciting and dynamic new thinking in the world today that recognizes the important health and life enriching enhancement that CBD Oil from the Hemp plant can bring. Through its network of quality USA growers, has developed multiple and proprietary CannazALL CBD oil products that include; It’s popular CBD Tinctures, Oils, GelCaps, CBD Powder, Skin Salve, Wax Crumble, and e-liquid

UbiquiTECH Software Corp. was incorporated in 2007 and is based in Denver, Colorado.

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As noted above, there are a number of key catalysts here to look at.

The quarterly report is the most  obvious and immediate. According to materials provided, “the company achieved and exceeded its goals of 3rd quarter growth through its proprietary and strategic marketing campaigns and valuable robust word-of-mouth viral advertising.

“In addition to its new CannazALL™ products, that continue to bring in new customers, the company has also continued to lower its customer acquisition costs from a high of $200 per customer at this time last year, to under $25 per customer in 3rd quarter 2016.”

CEO of HempLife Today James Ballas said, “We have a solid plan for growth and profits for the company and this is what allows us to grow at an ever increasing rate. Everything we have done up to now, our first three years in this business, was to get us into this position and ready to become the major player in the industry. We are pleased, but not surprised, at what we have already accomplished.”

From what we can see, the key component to the strategy here is marketing spend. According to recent materials, cash on hand has grown since the prior quarter, reaching over $130K, which is a good start but may present an obstacle to growth at some point.

In addition, just days ago, the Company announced its first CBD product utilizing the proprietary new NanoTech Infusion Process that infuses more hemp plant terpenes and other beneficial plant materials into the finished CBD product.

At 95% pure CBD, the new product, called “Shatter”, is being billed as “the most potent CBD product the company now offers. In addition, by utilizing the new NanoTech Infusion Process, this new “Shatter” has up to 200% more naturally occurring hemp plant terpenes, sterols and botanicals, believed to have additional health benefits for the millions seeking a superior CBD therapy regimen.”

This new product is used for “dabbing” which is apparently a more effective version of vaping and is the best delivery system for CBD to the human body via any type of vaping process.

As with all their products, the new product is of course 100% THC free for those who are sensitive to even natural legal trace amounts of THC.

“We are more than a month ahead of schedule in adding this incredible new product to our CannazALL™ hemp-based CBD line,” said James Ballas, CEO. ” This is our second new product announced this month and we are growing this company at a faster rate than our current business plan shows, so this is very exciting for all of us.”

Now commanding a market cap of $1.4M, UBQU about $130K in cash on the books, alongside total assets a bit less than $850K, which must be weighed relative to a burden of $1.1 mln total accumulated debt. UBQU isn’t going to be known as Ubiquitech Software Corp for much longer. The rebranding of the company will apparently be wholesale into the cannabis patch. That’s what this is. And we know which direction the cannabis patch is running right now. For continuing coverage on $UBQU and our other hot stock picks, sign up for our free newsletter today and get our next hot stock pick!

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