Tech Trends Shaping NXT-ID Inc (NASDAQ:NXTD)


NXT-ID Inc (NASDAQ:NXTD) is a Florida tech company at the forefront of 3 key tech trends. The technology space is a fast-moving area where you constantly have to be ahead of the latest trends, and that’s where Florida-based NXT-ID Inc. (NASDAQ:NXTD) has excelled. The company primarily offers a wide array of different security technology options, including security options for digital payments and a range of different biometric security applications.

Shares of NXTD are currently trading at $2.45, giving the company a market capitalization of nearly $17M. Shares are currently trading in a range of $2.36-$2.68. Over the most recent 52-week period, shares have traded as low as $2.30 and as high as $8.20. YTD, shares of the company are down 12.73%. Over the most recent 3-month period, shares are down 39.09%. And over the most recent 6-month period, shares are down 50.88%.

NXT-ID Inc (NASDAQ:NXTD) recent stock market performance hasn’t exactly been stellar, but it’s the long-term vision of the company that investors should focus on. The company offers a core technology portfolio of different products, solutions and services for mobile devices – including those for digital payments, biometric ID, encryption and miniaturization. Basically, these are all technologies that help your mobile phone run better.

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Take, for example, digital payments, a hot area within the mobile commerce space. The company offers m-commerce products that are designed to offer secure digital payments. The company has a product, Wocket, that is essentially an electronic smart wallet. Instead of carrying around a lot of cards in your pocket, you’d be able to hold those cards in an electronic wallet on your mobile phone. Another digital payment technology is Wi-Mag, which is an antenna and payment technology — some investors have referred to this as a “wireless magnetic stripe” for your phone.

This work in digital payments builds off the company’s work with smartcard technology. And, indeed, one of the company’s core offerings is the NXT Smartcard. One of the biggest clients for this smartcard technology is WorldVentures, which provides smartcards to each of its more than 500,000 customers that sign up for its vacation club memberships.

Another hot area is biometrics. Here, the company offers a mix of biometric facial recognition and voice recognition products, including 3D FaceMatch and 3D SketchArtist. This is the second major business line of the company, and includes all of its biometric access control apps. This also has immediate applications for the company’s Department of Defense contractor work.

But the real hot area that’s about to explode is the Internet of Things, and that’s where the company’s miniaturization technologies come into play. On January 9, in collaboration with Nordic Semiconductor, the company demoed a miniature module within a wearable smart band to enable devices to power the Internet of Things. The company is referring to this as an “Internet of Things Stamp” that is so tiny that it can fit within most mobile and wearable devices, even an Internet-connected watch. A core feature of this “stamp” is an ultra-low power buttonless wake-up system. In a press release, NXT-ID referred to this as being able to power “a new class of intelligently-connected devices.”

Going forward, the key priority for the company needs to be deciding where it wants to focus in 2017. There seem to be a massive portfolio of different technologies, but no real sense of where it’s all going. For example, in July 2016, the company completed a $20 million acquisition of LogicMark LLC, which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary. LogicMark manufactures and distributes personal emergency responder systems (PERS) that are distributed via the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. So that would suggest some kind of emphasis on healthcare and senior care.

But at the same time, the company is pushing mobile commerce solutions and biometric security solutions. And now there’s a movement into the Internet of Things. For investors to be able to properly value NXTD, there needs to be a much better sense of how everything fits together.

The good news is that NXTD seems to be sitting on a portfolio of some very hot technologies and some marketable products (e.g. Wocket, NXT Smartcard, Wi-Mag). If the company figures out a way to make LogicMark a source of regular, recurring revenues and also lines up some new clients for its emerging technologies, this could be a tech company with some massive upside potential. For more news on fast-moving penny stocks like NXT-ID, please subscribe to below.



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