The Sudden Rise of 12 Retech Corp (OTCMKTS:DVGGD)


12 Retech Corp (OTCMKTS:DVGGD) is a penny play out of Hong Kong pursuing the retail shopping tech market space. The stock has been red hot of late and we thought it was a good time to take a closer look. According to DVGGD headlines, the most recent key catalyst was the company’s corporate update and discussion regarding its proprietary integrated retail platform technologies, operations, and global business opportunities.

The key item here is the new direction, and the company’s progress thus far: Over the past 36 months, 12 Retech has successfully designed, developed, and launched its new “12” retail platform which fully-integrates all aspects of the traditional retail experience with online shopping, entertainment and social networking.

12 Retech Corp (OTCMKTS:DVGGD) trumpets itself as a development stage company in the business of acquiring, developing, marketing and selling mobile application software. The company purportedly currently has one application (Hotchek) in its portfolio according to its profile.

However, this information may be out of date at this point. In any case, Hotchek is a multi-use customizable application designed to enable users to easily engage their network audience with the use of highly interactive polls and surveys.

According to company materials, “Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, 12 Hong Kong Limited, 12 Retech is the developer of the patented “12” next-gen retail shopping technology, which seamlessly combines cutting edge digital tech and social networking with a real-life, for fun and unique shopping experience…Established in 2010, 12 fully integrates in-store, online, and mobile shopping experiences with its patented smart 12Mirrors, 12Mobile app, and 12Kiosks, while an interactive advertising screen provides special offers from shops, restaurants, and service providers. 12 simultaneously meets the needs of shop owners and customers, making in-store shopping fun and entertaining. 12 Retech currently has operations in Hong Kong.”

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Angelo Ponzetta, CEO of 12 Retech, commented, “We believe that ’12’ will set a new powerful disruptive trend in retailing; changing the way both shopping and advertising are done. With our complete integration of four fundamental retail and entertainment components — traditional shopping; online and mobile shopping; social networking; and advertising, ’12’ will bring consumers and businesses together like never before, in real-time wherever and whenever they choose to shop. We look forward to expanding our installation base into new territories with new retail partners around the world.”

The market clearly sees something similar, at least thus far. The chart has a limited price action history, but one can plainly see the strong support encountered in its test of the $1/share price level as support in late June and early July. That test has sent shares soaring, with nearly 40% added to share values in just the last few days of action.

The string of success was launched by the company’s announcement that it had completed the acquisition of 12 Hong Kong Limited, a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region corporation. 12 Hong Kong Limited (“12RT”) is the developer of the patented “12” next-gen retail shopping technology which seamlessly combines cutting-edge digital tech and social networking with real life for a fun and unique shopping experience.

As far its plans going forward, the Company notes that it is actively working with several established retailers in Asia, Europe, and North America to launch potential new pilot installations of the “12” retail shopping platform. According to the release, the Company anticipates completing one or more new retail partnerships within the next 4-8 weeks.

We would also note that the online presence has been updated as well as the company announced the launch of a new corporate website at Angelo Ponzetta, CEO of 12 Retech, commented, “The new 12 Retech website will provide our partners, consumers, shareholders, and the media with the latest, the most detailed, and the most accurate information about the Company, our patented and proprietary retail technology products and services, and will serve as a platform for developing new business around the world.”

There remain many unanswered questions about DVGGD at this point, but the folks diving in on the long side around the buck level have been right as traders thus far. That much cannot be argued. The shopping technology space is a fertile one for innovation and the market size is obviously huge for the winners in the space over time. Only time will tell if “12” will be one of them. For continuing coverage on shares of $DVGGD stock, as well as our other breakout stock picks, sign up for our free newsletter today and get our next hot stock pick!


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