Right Place and Time for Viva Entertainment Group Inc (OTCMKTS:OTTV)


Viva Entertainment Group Inc (OTCMKTS:OTTV) has been on a steady climb this week on the back of some strong partnerships the inked relatively recently. OTTV is getting some serious buzz across the small cap sector, so we want to weigh in on what we found.

OTTV deals in “Over the Top” television or OTT, which is basically what Netflix and Hulu do. It is a good business to be in, even if it has been relatively democratized with companies like Dish Network and CBS entering the market, because it is set to climb from $28 billion to $62 billion by 2020.

Viva Entertainment Group Inc (OTCMKTS:OTTV) sells a system where television transmissions are sent across the internet. The company uses a CDN or a Content Delivery Network.  This is a system of distributed servers that delivers web content to users depending on their geographic locations. Users are grouped by location, thus they are able to receive the same stream of information speeding up the downloading process. Consumers linked to the system will be able to use wide range of devices: “PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones, set-top boxes, Smart TVs and gaming consoles“.

Here is a quote from the company page about what they do: “With a WiFi connection our customers can watch Live TV from around the world, TV shows, as well as movies on demand, Tele-video conference and many other interactive features. Independent and Major film studios, television networks, Telecoms, Cable Companies, and emerging ISPS partner with Viva for enhanced capabilities in multi platform video distribution.

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By no means is this content new but rather OTTV’s has been picking up speed because of partnerships this spring with Triad Wireless, which could bring $140 million, and another deal with MMUN, which is a Montessori school network.

The company recently added to industry veterans to its board.

Viva’s CEO, Mr. Johnny Falcones expressed, “We are very pleased to have attracted two such qualified directors with a breadth of knowledge in both the technical areas of product development as well as subscriber acquisition and global distribution.  We look forward to their guidance in our U.S commercial launch and other key international markets encompassing the large Latino demographic.

In addition to our two new Board members, the Company has also created a new Management Committee comprised of Viva’s senior executive members Messrs. Johnny Falcones, Alberto Gomez and John Sepulveda. The Committee is tasked with overseeing the near term U.S. launch, as well as regions in LatAm and the Far East.

The Bottom Line: Viva Entertainment Group Inc (OTCMKTS:OTTV) is certainly a company to watch here as they race to add partnerships and distribution deals to their network. This might be a “right place, right time” buy for some investors but we will be writing updates as the company’s mission comes more into focus. For continuing coverage on shares of $OTTV stock, as well as our other breakout picks, sign up for our free newsletter today and get our next hot stock pick!



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