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Microcap Update on Pura Naturals Inc (OTCMKTS:PNAT)

Pura Naturals Inc (OTCMKTS:PNAT) started 2017 with a bang trading $3.70 in the first few weeks of the year. The rest of the year saw a straight line decline to .44 cents in early May. This large selloff is due to the likely suspects in funding small and micro-cap lending, utilizing the company stock which is the only real currency the company has to barter.

Most common shareholders do not realize when they take a long position in common stock, they are buying shares from the banker who received these shares at a discount for lending large chunks of operating capital.

Pura Naturals Inc (OTCMKTS:PNAT) manufactures household cleaning products that absorbs grease and grime, while delivering unique soap infusion without harmful chemicals or the bacteria buildup common with typical sponge products. Pura Naturals has a great story.

The company’s foam technology was developed in response to the gulf oil spill. The revolutionary product absorbs grease while repelling water and inhibiting bacteria growth and odors. The earth-conscious company prides itself on its plant-based products made from renewable resources with no petroleum by-products.

Also, look for Pura Naturals in the upcoming season of NBC’s hit sitcom Superstore and watch PuraClean in action as an official cleaner for the outdoor kitchens of the world’s largest food sport competition, the World Food Championship in Orange Beach, Alabama.

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Pura Naturals Inc (OTCMKTS:PNAT) hired Blueprint in Atlanta, Georgia as the digital agency of record along with Pathfinder Films of Chattanooga, Tennessee to produce interesting video content. These two marketing partners will coordinate efforts to bring Pura Naturals into homes across the country. Campaigns and will roll-out out in early summer of 2017.
Derek Duhame President, stated: “Consumers are looking for better, earth friendly products to make cleaning easier and avoid using harmful chemicals. Pura Naturals fills the need and Blueprint and Pathfinder both have strength and expertise in digital engagement and content creation and will combine forces to create greater awareness and bring our products into more homes.”
Blueprint is tasked with evaluating the Pura Naturals social footprint and initiating campaigns with targeted outreach to consumers across all social platforms. Pathfinder Films brings expertise in creating engaging content that will showcase the unique benefits of the Pura Naturals products.
PNAT will focus on separating their product offerings into distinct product lines. PuraClean will serve the total household with a one-stop cleaning solution. PuraCleanse 3-in-1 provides for health and beauty needs through a natural cleansing system for skin care. Pura Marine offers solutions for both the consumer and commercial marine industry. Both agencies will work together to implement marketing strategies set out by Impact Strategic Marketing Insights to bring greater consumer awareness and corporate growth to Pura Naturals.The company has designed a unique filtration device for closed orifices and scuppers and has now filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark office. The new “Scupper Plug” product is used primarily for the marine industry but has many other applications as well.

The Scupper Plug, sold under the Pura Marine division of Pura Naturals, allows water to freely flow through any orifice but collects the oils that tend to create problems in drainage situations. The oils are often found on oil transport vessels, barges, tug boats, recreational boats, and even in swimming pools. The Scupper Plug device has far-reaching opportunities for any drainage pipe or opening where a water solution also has a hydrocarbon bearing solution. The device saves our environment in a practical way, unlike anything else. This device will solidly protect the environment and at the same time address and diminish exposure to pollution fines and penalties for the customers who put it to use. The overall economic benefit to the customer is expected to be very significant.

Bob Doherty, CEO, stated: “We are excited about the vast possibilities of this product. A more practical need exists within the marine petroleum transport vessels industry to control the oil residue from the transfer pumps and barge surfaces on those vessels. Various industries will benefit from this technology which will capture the contaminants we don’t want in our waterways and leave clear water to freely pass through.”

Along with its broad reaching uses, the Scupper Plug is designed to be reusable. Pura Naturals, Inc. (OTCMKTS:PNAT)  is an EarthConscious® company committed to creating better products for a better planet, which includes products that are natural, renewable, and reusable. What the company really needs now is a clean up on aisle six for it’s common shareholders.

This product has great revenue potential, and the company is making great moves on the marketing side, but shareholders need to recover from the broken banking method some of these smallcap companies must endure, and then work to get share prices back where they started. We will update the story again soon as developments unfold. For continuing coverage on shares of PNAT stock, as well as our other hot stock picks, sign up for our free newsletter today and get our next hot stock pick!


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