LiNiu Technology Group (NASDAQ:LINU) an Intriguing Macau Gaming Pure Play


LiNiu Technology Group (NASDAQ:LINU) has and electronic trading platform focused on the Chinese agricultural industry. Since its launch, the site has seen daily traffic of over 50,000 visitors with more than 130,000 users. The platform caters to more than 20,000 suppliers who have registered 80,000 products. The site is aimed at the gaming sector in mainland China where the public is in love with gaming and gambling in general.

The Guangzhou LiNiu generates revenue through commissions, advertising, management fees and guarantee deposits. In spring this year, Guangzhou LiNiu started generating revenue from commissions on transactions despite having yet to promote and advertise on the site. The shares have reflected this revenue stream in 2017, but it is taking investors some time to get comfortable with how to value the stock.

LiNiu Technology Group (NASDAQ:LINU) shares have been up and down this year trading from .50 cents back to .15 cents on light volume, but yesterday these shares were one of the larger movers in all markets. LINU spiked more than 100% on large volume with 10 million shares trading hands.

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Even prior to this, LINU has an interesting timeline. After closing four VIP gaming rooms at the Sands Cotai Central Casino, Galaxy Macau, StarWorld and Le Royal Arc in Macau in 2016, the Company maintained minimal operations and temporary relocated the Macau VIP gaming operation to the Altira Complex, which provides remuneration at a predetermined fixed rate commission.

One year later, LINU completed the acquisition of 51% of Jia-Heng Industrial Ltd., the holding company of Guangzhou LiNiu Network Technology Co. Ltd., a software technology development company. The operational results of Jia-Heng and its subsidiaries, including Guangzhou LiNiu, have been consolidated in the financial statements of LINU since March 2017.

“The first quarter was marked by the official transformation of the Company toward its new strategy of using technology to create solutions for the vast Chinese agricultural industry,” said Mr. Wang Shun Yang, co-Chief Executive Officer of LiNiu Technology Group. “Since launching the LiNiu Network last month, we have been seeing consistent traffic and believe the platform has been well received by both our customers and the suppliers. We have started to generate revenue from the site and plan to launch a marketing campaign to generate greater awareness of the LiNiu Network and our ability to more efficiently improve Chinese agriculture in the months ahead.”

Recently, management entered into an agreement with the shareholders to settle the shareholders’ loan by delivering certain markers receivable. Of an approximate $11.7 million shareholders’ loan, $11.6 million was offset by taking over certain markers receivable with a net carrying amount of approximately $9.6 million (gross amount was $14.8 million) as of February 28, 2017. The difference (approximately $2.0 million) between the shareholders’ loan and the net carrying amount of such markers receivable would be treated as a capital transaction and recorded as additional paid-in capital contributed by shareholders as of February 28, 2017.

LiNiu Technology Group (NASDAQ: LINU) with a $102.09M market cap is an interesting pure play for investing in Macau. Shares have been trading on the metrics from the platform. At some point, they will begin to factor in the ad revenue. This will be crucial. This dual revenue function is the basis for many social media platforms today making this an interesting bet on Macau advertising, trading and the adoption rate that comes with this investment. The company has spent time over the last few years getting its house in order. We expect to see the volatility calm down here and begin to reflect the revenue possibilities. We like companies with simple metrics, so come back here to find interesting sectors like this Macau pure play. For more news on $LINU and other fast-moving stocks, please subscribe to below.


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