Thursday, July 7, 2022

With Global Arena Holding Inc (OTCMKTS:GAHC) It’s All About the Chain

Global Arena Holding Inc (OTCMKTS:GAHC) share price has seen volatility recently because of the continued focus on the security and sanctity of our voting system. GAHC will be providing solutions to these problems leveraging blockchain technology. Blockchain represents a secure ledger to monitor voting records, and really is new and unique to this now very sensitive industry.

The price shot up to 0.072 earlier in the month, but boiled down back to now 0.033. The Russian interference in our November election has not yet left the news cycle, and with a recent leak of seemingly diagnostic hacking at voting booths, GAHC might be an important stock to watch.

Global Arena Holding Inc (OTCMKTS:GAHC) was founded in the US in 2000, Smartmatic (a GES subsidiary) was counted as the leading provider of voting technologies and solutions worldwide. If we look at the progress today, out of the eight countries pioneering election automation Smartmatic provides technology and services to six of them: Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, the Philippines, US and Venezuela.

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GAHC has managed elections across five continents, processing over 3.7 billion votes. It serves customers through an organization comprising over 600 employees across 12 offices around the world. Smartmatic is headquartered in London, UK.

Besides the six startups that are under the “BTC” umbrella, the company is building a voting program that will allow their subsidiary GES to conduct more elections increasing its revenue.

For those who don’t know, blockchain is a public ledger of transactions. All transactions are broadcast to a network of subscribing nodes, and each node updates its own copy of the ledger with the new transactions. Once a new group of transactions is verified, a block is created and added to the blockchain. All transactions for the ledger are publicly visible and verifiable based on previous blocks. Essentially, blockchain is a ledger that anyone can add things to but no one can remove anything from. This creates a certain and verifiable record.

Basically, blockchain technology offers industry a technology that can make cyber security an afterthought.  Because there is no centralized “point of failure” the computing power necessary to hack a blockchain is nearly impossible to achieve. While blockchain technology is known as the backbone of Bitcoin and other digital currency and we see these crypto currencies as leading the charge in exploring blockchain applications in everything from banking to elections.

Back in January, GAHC announced that the subsidiary, Global Election Services, Inc., has continued to further its relationship with Smartmatic by utilizing proprietary software and personnel for three more elections. In the first election GES used software to register and confirm a member’s eligibility status for an in-person on site vote, and the subsequent tabulation of the election results. The second two elections involved the use of software to validate and register the eligibility of members of returned mail ballots, and then tabulating the election results.

“Having completed five elections together so far, it is clear that Smartmatic is a good fit to work with GES. They have been easy to work with as we tailor the software to suit our clients’ needs, maintaining the standard of quality our team has provided over the last 35 years,” said Maralin Falik, CEO of Global Election Services.

John Matthews, CEO of Global Arena Holding, Inc., said, “We are very excited to see the continued success of our relationship with Smartmatic and look forward to growing together to serve our current and future clients’ needs. This is a great opportunity for us to add more advanced technology solutions for our clients.”

Global Arena Holding Inc (OTCMKTS:GAHC) is factoring blockchain into our voting process. Although cryptocurrency is starting to come back down to earth as the month goes along, the frenzy has caused it to appear on investors’ radars. GAHC could still ride the blockchain wave as it continues to infiltrate the mainstream news cycle and continues to be a part of our modern day vocabulary. In addition, as congressional elections approach, GAHC might be a stock to keep a close eye on. For continuing coverage on shares of $GAHC stock, as well as our other breakout stocks, sign up for our free newsletter today and get our next hot stock pick!

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