FIRST BITCOIN CAP COM NPV (OTCMKTS:BITCF) Paying Dividends in Cryptocurrecny


FIRST BITCOIN CAP COM NPV (OTCMKTS:BITCF) is up +35% at the time of writing and has been marching strongly upward since the bitcoin fork. BITCF has already set history being the first publicly-traded cryptocurrency and blockchain-centered company. But, lets take a look at the company’s recent developments to see what is coming in the future.

BITCF announced it would be paying investors for the first time in cryptocurrency. The company earned 20,000,000 TeslaCoilCoin(s) (symbol TESLA) by using its Omni protocol node to generate TeslaCoilCoin(S) for Tesla Coils, Inc. This coinage does not represent ownership in any entity and does not pay dividends or provide earnings to its owners and is merely a digital fiat crypto currency.

FIRST BITCOIN CAP COM NPV (OTCMKTS:BITCF) bills itself as a company engaged in developing digital currencies, proprietary Blockchain technologies, and the digital currency exchange –

According to company materials, “We see this step as a tremendous opportunity to create further shareholder value by leveraging management’s experience in developing and managing complex Blockchain technologies, developing new types of digital assets. Being the first publicly-traded cryptocurrency and blockchain-centered company (with shares both traded in the US OTC Markets as [BITCF] and as [BIT] in crypto exchanges), we want to provide our shareholders with diversified exposure to digital cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.”

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BITCF intends to pay regular quarterly 10% digital cash dividends in crypto currencies as long as we have a surplus of this new form of money in reserves.

The company is determining the valuation of its shares and TESLACoilCoin based on the last trade at the close of business as of today, the declaration date. For example if BITCF were to close at yesterday’s price of $.3695 per share and TESLA Coil Coin were to close at last Friday’s price of BTC 0.00019744 BTC or US $.54, each shareholder would receive approximately .00684 TESLA Coil Coin for each 1 share of BITCF held as of the record date of ownership.

The Board has set the record date for September 12, 2017, with the payment date of September 29, 2017, to complete this historic dividend event. The company is notifying FINRA ten days in advance of the record date and anticipates that FINRA will set an x-dividend date based on the record date. Owners of our common shares that they own on the OMNI Bitcoin blockchain will be automatically credited with TESLA as both BITCF and TESLA ride on the rails of the Bitcoin blockchain and can share the same wallet addresses. In order to avoid confusion with outside exchanges, it is best to hold your BITCF when in crypto form, in your private OMNI wallet.

The company intends to pay additional dividends in various crypto currencies that may include crypto exchange symbols $WEED $FLY $PRES, $HILL, $GARY, $BURN, $OTX and $KLC. We may also from time to time pay dividends in our own common shares in their crypto form which trades under the crypto symbol $BITCF on various foreign cryptocurrency exchanges.

FIRST BITCOIN CAP COM NPV (OTCMKTS:BITCF) is a company that is tied to the price of Bitcoin, but that has not been a bad thing as of late. BITCF is a pure-play cryptocurrency company and has done some impressive things this year. BITCF is carrying a $200.28M market cap with 302.08M shares out. We are not going to doubt this company and think they are disrupting the possibilities of what cryptocurrency can do. For continuing coverage on shares of $BITCF stock, as well as our other hot stock picks, sign up for our free newsletter today and get our next breakout pick!


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