Fed does not notice great changes in the US economy

Global Markets Surges

Specialists from the Federal Reserve are focused on the possible complications after the Brexit, while the country is having the positive stability in markets, rise of GDP and new vacant jobs for the citizens.
After the Brexit, financial markets are focusing on their own fears to lose investors, to receive the negative impact, and the separate Europe.
While the American currency is getting stronger, the US economists afraid that it can lead to the bad consequences, and bring the negative tendency.
The European growth is very slow right now, and its currency loses the rate almost every day on the market.
During the last meeting of Fed officials, they made an agreement to wait for more data about consequences after the British vote. Until that time they don’t want to hurry up with raising rates.
Federal Reserve has raised the rates last December. It happened once in the decade. And analysts do not think that they will increase them again during the year.
As for the payroll in May, it was the lowest since 2010 year and was provoked by the loss of the Verizon workers who went on a strike. This Corporation has lost 35 100 workers in the same time. And now, when they have returned, there will be the higher rating.
Analysts expect the increase of working places in the hospitality, retail, construction and the leisure areas. As for the mining sector, the prognosis is still negative.


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