Farmers afraid of GMO labels on products


Farmers from Midwest do not want to be labeled by the GMO using. They think that it has nothing to do with the science.
Vermont new law about GMO products is in the effect. And some companies decided to label all of the products the same way to sold it everywhere in the United States, instead of making different stamps for different states.
They are thinking about the Vermont law as the common standard for the GMO products across the states. And some companies spread the stamps far beyond the provision in Vermont.
And farmers still discuss the need to label all the products. The main argument is that there is no difference between the product from the GMO seed or non-GMO. If the corn from the GMO seed is the same by its quality and effect as the corn from an ordinary seed, why do farmers need to put stamps on their products? Farmers are afraid that this labeling will divide the market into two different.
And the science agrees with them. However, people who already watched a lot of different TV shows and read science fiction journals, GMO can be seen as the real threat to the health. These people will try to avoid these products.


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