Facebook Inc (FB)’s New Open Source Project Making Programmers’ Life Easier

Facebook Inc (Fb) Create React App

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has recently launched a new open source project in JavaScript named as “Create React App” which will eliminate all the trouble in app making. This tool is really helpful for the app making process especially for those who interested in JavaScript writing. This is a great open source and fascinating project for beginners and experts.

Facebook Inc (FB)’s React.js became very popular within some days. Now this latest launch of Facebook can be used for coding on platforms like Android, ios and Windows 10. The newest app encompassed 3 components- Webpack (asset building tool), Babel (JS compiler), and ESLint (code-linting tool).

On the other hand, the new app making process also has some difficulties. At the event of hackathon, Company introduced this new open source project. With the help of this, programmers by using JavaScript can design many different apps. Moreover, for all the developers, the tech gaint has 50 different kinds of open source projects.

While using this app there will be no need of configuration files. Programmers need to sort only one dependency, making life of a programmer easy, while before this they had to sort out many. But it may be disturbing for some programmers as the configuration process is removed. Though, this open source allows to post modify as soon as the configuration is complete.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) stated in a statement, “We take care of updating Babel, ESLint, and Webpack to stable compatible versions so you can update a single dependency to get them all.”

Facebook Inc’s VR Device to be Seen in Korea Soon:

Another exciting news that is rolling out is the release of Facebook’s VR device Oculus in the Korean market soon and it is expected to help in the growth of domestic VR devices. Oculus a US tech firm, owned by Facebook, recently approved the National Radio Research Agency’s radio signal certifications.

Capability of electronic products is verified through radio signal certification usually three to four weeks before the release of the products.

In the global VR market, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Oculus VR platform is one of the front runners. Oculus platform is also used by Samsung Electronics’ VR device Gear VR. Oculus accomplished three types of radio signal certifications (remote controller, headset, and position recognition sensor), according to industry sources.


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