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DIRECTVIEW HOLDING COM USD0.0001(OTCMKTS:DIRVD) is complex to do proper technical analysis (historical price patterns analysis) on, as it is triple zero sub penny stock, because the purpose is to try and determine from historical prices what may happen in the future. Getting a handle on the meaning is nearly impossible. DIRVD had a price spike spanning a few trading days and fell right back into a sideways pattern making that price action for one week stand out like a sore thumb.

A look at the chart below reveals a confusing trading pattern in need of some news, which hit the wire today with subsidiary ApexCCTV and a deal with Samsung surveillance products.

DIRECTVIEW HOLDING COM USD0.0001(OTCMKTS:DIRVD) is focused on video and security technology and announced that it’s wholly owned subsidiary ApexCCTV, LLC (APEX) has been chosen and is launching an exclusive marketing campaign specific to four Samsung surveillance products. The exclusive marketing campaign is part of DirectView’s advanced strategy of building the ApexCCTV as the “go-to” internet site for surveillance-related products and hopefully selling thousands.

“This marketing campaign of these high-quality Samsung products is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our ability to market special product offers to our growing online customer base in order to create a win-win scenario for both vendors and customers, Mark D. Harris, ApexCCTV President, commented. “We are excited to have been chosen for this project and we look forward to working on additional campaigns of this type with other vendors and manufacturers who are looking for a strong marketing platform to execute their distribution plans.  The ApexCCTV site has a very strong web presence that consistently generates millions of dollars in annual revenue.  

We have tens of thousands of active subscribers we work with on a monthly basis who are looking for the best products at value pricing, provided by a company with technology training and service to back every product sold.  Now that we have joined DirectView we have the added strength to provide many more products and services to grow our site and expand its customer base organically as well as through opportunistic roll-ups.  We look forward to building our unique surveillance e-commerce site in order to generate substantial long term value for DirectView’s shareholders and our partners.”

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DIRECTVIEW HOLDING COM USD0.001 (OTCMKTS:DIRV) together with its subsidiaries, provides video surveillance solutions and teleconferencing products and services to businesses and organizations. The company operates in two divisions, Security (Video Surveillance) and Video Conferencing. The Security division offers technologies in surveillance systems providing onsite and remote video and audio surveillance, digital video recording, and services. It also sells and installs surveillance systems; and sells maintenance agreements.

DIRVD sells its products and services in the United States and internationally through direct sales force, referrals, and its Websites. The Video Conferencing division offers teleconferencing products and services that enable clients to conduct remote meetings by linking participants in geographically dispersed locations. It is involved in the sale of conferencing services based upon usage, the sale and installation of video equipment, and the sale of maintenance agreements. This division primarily provides conferencing products and services to numerous organizations ranging from law firms, banks, high tech companies and government organizations.

DIRECTVIEW HOLDING COM USD0.001 (OTCMKTS:DIRVD) acquired all of the issued and outstanding equity interests of each of the Acquisition Companies, for approximately $1.9 million in cash to be paid six months from the date of acquisition.

The two Texas-based video security and surveillance companies, operated and solely owned by Mark D. Harris have combined revenue of approximately $5.3 million and upon the successful completion of a two year audit of the Acquisition Companies in accordance with U.S. GAAP accounting standards for the fiscal years ended 2016 and 2015; DirectView will be obligated to pay an additional amount ranging from $2,000 up to $500,000, based on the positive average annual cash flow achieved in those two years.

These fundamental events will be more important for the company over the next few quarters in 2017 because as of today the technical picture is telling us very little other than they have some deals which should drive revenue and sales – and this should give investors a clear fundamental picture of how the company can showcase it’s ability to market special product offers to a growing online customer base. For more news on DIRVD and other fast-moving penny stocks, please subscribe to below.

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