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Cannabis Sativa Inc (OTCMKTS:CBDS) Pushes on the IP Frontier

Cannabis Sativa Inc (OTCMKTS:CBDS) is a central play in the cannabis space that has grabbed hold of the attention of traders during the stock’s recent bounce. The principal impetus for the recent attention is the company’s announcement that its subsidiary was awarded Patent PP27,475 for a Cannabis Plant named “Ecuadorian Sativa”.

According to the company’s latest press release, “Equadorian Sativa” has been shown in laboratory testing by Steephill Labs to have a Limonene level that is extraordinarily high at a level of 4.53, 10 to 20 times the usual range. This sets “Equadorian Sativa” apart from other varieties in its odor, the effects on mood and mentation and its medical qualities.

Cannabis Sativa Inc (OTCMKTS:CBDS) is a diversified play in the cannabis space. It’s most recent strategic footprint expansion came into place with its grab of iBudtender, Inc., a Colorado corporation that currently offers information and reviews of dispensaries, cannabis businesses, strains, edibles, concentrates and products.

In addition, the Company also offers herbal based line of products through its Wild Earth subsidiary, including Go Deep, a deep penetrating healing salve that reduces pain and inflammation when massaged into muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints; Go Deep EXTRA, a deep penetrating pain relief ointment for use in mitigating migraine and sinus headaches; Face Garden, an antioxidant and moisturizing cream for the face; Body Garden, a moisturizing body lotion; and Lip Garden, an emollient balm.

But perhaps most importantly, the Company also directly engages in the research, development, and licensing of natural cannabis products comprising cannabis formulations, edibles, topicals, strains, recipes, and delivery systems.

CBDS plans to develop, produce and market products through joint ventures with companies licensed under state regulations applicable to cannabis businesses. It holds the license for a medicinal cannabis strain called NZT, a cannabis lozenge delivery methodology, and a cannabis trauma cream formula. Cannabis Sativa Inc is also developing a third strain of cannabis plant named CT22.

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As noted above, CBDS’s subsidiary was awarded a new patent for a Cannabis Plant named “Ecuadorian Sativa”. “Our patience is now rewarded with the issuance of Patent PP27,475. This patent will open up new areas for research and opportunities for CBDS”, said CEO Mike Gravel.

According to the company, the plant was derived from a female said to be of a strain called colloquially, “Celestial Temple Sativa”, an individual grown in Ecuador that — as a solitary plant — reached a height of 23 feet.

The male parent is said to have been of a strain known colloquially as “Island Sweet Skunk”.

The Company’s President David Tobias said, “This is a major accomplishment and is a tribute to the foresight and perseverance of management to solidify Cannabis Sativa’s contribution to the maturing Cannabis industry.”

Apparently, according to reports, “The objective of the breeding, which produced this novel plant strain nicknamed “CTA”, was primarily to develop a plant having the following characteristics: (a) medicinal properties that included hypotensive activity; (b) psychoactive properties that motivated and energized, rather than creating lethargy, sleepiness, and (c) increased food consumption.”

Earning a current market cap value of $95.4M, CBDS has virtually no cash on the books, which must be weighed relative to about $336K in total current liabilities. One should also note that debt has been steadily growing over recent quarters. CBDS is pulling in trailing 12-month revenues of $76K. In addition, the company is seeing something akin to top line growth, with y/y quarterly revenues growing at 5.2%, but sequential sales are plummeting as of last reporting – not that any of this really matters given the tiny numbers involved.

Make no mistake about it, CBDS is a “brand” among OTC traders in the cannabis patch. To make something real, you need much more than that. And we need to start seeing an actual “business” take the stage here. Traders should note that any uptick in volume here is a major liability to shorts in the stock. We are dealing with an issue trading on a float of just 4.2M shares. That’s a sack of dynamite on a strike-anywhere match freighter sailing in a storm. You can bet we will update this one again as new information comes into view. For continuing coverage on shares of $CBDS stock, as well as our other hot stock picks, sign up for our free newsletter today and get our next hot stock pick!

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