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AMER LEISURE HLDG COM USD0.001 (OTCMKTS:AMLH) Riding the Cannabis Wave

AMER LEISURE HLDG COM USD0.001 (OTCMKTS:AMLH) has been on a two week bender, they are nearing penny status now. Quite a turnaround – Last we checked on AMLH they were in deep sub penny territory. They sport a market-cap still below $10 million, but as we said they are climbing riding the cannabis wave legitimacy.

Companies will succeed, struggle and flourish as we near a federal mandate on cannabis in the US. Best to now tell the story through the media, and with a rising stock price so you can use the stock as currency down the road.

AMER LEISURE HLDG COM USD0.001 (OTCMKTS:AMLH) let shareholders know that Christian Bishop is now recognized by OTC Markets as the Company’s CEO and has turned over account credentials and admin privileges accordingly.

Mr. Bishop has arranged for the Company’s 2016 annual report to be posted under filings and financials and will be available to shareholders, if not already available at the time of this release. Mr. Bishop and execs will continue to facilitate corporate transparency and shareholder accessibility as GG Media Network prepares for several updates regarding operations and strategic alliances in the eSports global market.

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$AMLH 10-Day Chart Below:

Bishop has been in New York attending the Cynopsis World eSports Summit and taking advantage of the ample networking opportunities. This presents an excellent opportunity for GG Media Networks to reach out and develop lasting relationships and partnerships with many key leaders within this quickly growing industry. The company has engaged in discussions with SuperData, Turner Sports,, Intel, and several professional teams.

CTO and Creative Director, David Mullins, shared with us, “We here at GG Media Networks look forward to diving deeper into the fruits of these efforts in the future. We’re excited to be gaining even more momentum and recognition within the eSports community. It’s amazing how quickly the eSports industry is expanding and how excited others within the industry are to begin collaborating with us on our many projects. More importantly, our team is thrilled to soon be able to let the world know what some of these projects are.”

He continues, “This will definitely be an exciting month for us over here and assuredly for many others at home. Our dreams for the past decade are becoming a reality more and more every day. Thanks to everyone out there supporting us, because that is really what this is all about for us here at GG Media Networks and GG Studios. Without the fans and supporters, none of this would have come into fruition and we can’t wait to share our dreams with everyone else out there in the coming weeks.”

Taking a look back at the recent press I notice a month back the company talked about incoming management which included GG Studios’ co-founder, Christian Bishop, who will serve as CEO for American Leisure. Bishop is a former telecommunications consultant serving as Enterprise Media Director with Level 3 Communications and Director of Content for BidChat, a cutting edge two-way live broadcasting platform for social influencers. Bishop also served as Executive Producer for newly created movie, Huntsville (2017), starring Sophie Turner and Dylan McDermott.

GG Studios works with publishers and sponsors to create and distribute original eSports content for both television and digital platforms. The Company intends on becoming the industry leader in development of premium for eSports fans. The company has three divisions:

  • GG Studios | Non-scripted Content Production: Provides specialized production on a wide range of hand-picked projects related to the eSports industry, it’s players, and the fans that fuel its exponential growth. GG Studios creates non-scripted content for television and digital platforms.
  • Talent Management and Brand Sponsorship: Focused in areas such as product, cross-promotion, digital rights management, monetization/sales, and audience development with the goal of providing both amateur and professional video game players, the services and proprietary tools to help manage their channels and grow their audience, while simultaneously garnering brand deals.
  • eSports Events Management Division: Manages and promotes running officially accredited video game tournaments garnered through partnerships and collaborations with developers, vendors, and sponsors.

American Leisure Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:AMLH) is in the mix for cannabis names, it needs to get above the penny level and out of triple zero sub status or it will be viewed as a Chrysler LeBaron among the rising stocks in the industry, no press can really fix a market cap below $10 million, it must get north of here, and this will be done by execution.  We will see if shares can continue to go up as management has a full plate to tackle in remaining quarters of 2017.

Know that the looming passage of federal laws will add another leg to the sector companies like AMLH who are now in the revenue recognition business.  We will keep a close eye on events for them as the green wave moves along nicely and the currency we know as market capitalization takes hold. For continuing coverage on shares of AMLH stock, as well as our other hot stock picks, sign up for our free newsletter today and get our next hot stock pick!

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