About Us

Oracle Dispatch is considered as a trusted source for Investment News and delivers insightful, informational and authoritative stories covering the fast-paced and rapidly evolving financial markets.

Oracle Dispatch is a must-read for anyone who wants to keep a step ahead of the stock market, bringing transparency and accountability to a secretive factor that is playing a growing role in the financial markets. Oracle Dispatch concentrates on the US Stock Market, including coverage not only of stocks, but also of the investors and analysts who back any specific company/stock and the prime brokers, administrators and analysts that rate them.

Our coverage includes in-depth analysis of trends shaping the markets, daily reports covering the latest news, earnings announcements and ratings.

Who We Are:

Oracle Dispatch is a team of professional investors, writers, editors and traders who have combined their years of experiences and expertise to come up with the latest news across a wide variety of markets, including Stock Markets, Investing, Technology, and Sector Updates.

We encourage our Team to think outside the box as they continue to serve a wide range of audience, including long term investors, day-traders, financial advisors, and analysts. As a Team, we give 100% to ensure synchronization exists across different roles which helps us maintain our quality of content.

Oracle Dispatch Editorial Board

Timothy Dean, Editor-In-Chief

Tim graduated from law school in 1997.  While his current professional focus is to provide content oversight for the Oracle Dispatch, he is still active in his corporate/securities law practice. Tim has more than 25 years of legal experience during which time his emphasis was on leading due diligence inquiries related to private and public corporate mergers and acquisitions. In addition to overseeing pre-publication content, Tim is also Oracle’s main contact for advertising and marketing inquiries.

Email: td@oracledispatch.com

Caleb Levi, Senior Content Editor / Operations Manager

Caleb holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Corporate Finance. He manages the Oracle Dispatch day to day operations and acts as liaison between the Oracle in-house editorial staff and the outside academic advisors who collectively comprise the Oracle Due Diligence team.

Email: cl@oracledispatch.com

Oracle Dispatch Due Diligence Team

The Oracle Dispatch has a novel approach to its news content.  While many of the articles published on our website are written by featured financial journalists, a growing volume of our content is researched and written by a network of financial academics from universities across the country who work together to provide due diligence based insights on publicly traded stocks with an emphasis on the OTC, NASDAQ, and TSX markets.  Each of our researchers and writers has opportunity to comment and critique our news features prior to publication in an effort to provide the best possible journalistic analysis.

Email: dt@oracledispatch.com

Featured Financial Journalists:

  • Tomas Scott
  • Cesar Mills
  • Robyn Ryan
  • Gene Daniel
  • Sarah Mendoza
  • Tony Cross
  • Jermaine Farmer